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We provide free educational planning services, including school selection, preparation of documents for parents, pre-departure seminars, visa applications, flight and travel arrangements.
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We focus on providing guidance for preparing for entrance exams to universities and colleges in the G5 group in the United Kingdom, such as in the fields of medicine and law. We aim to enhance students' understanding of subjects and improve their fundamental knowledge. We provide short-term and long-term assistance to students and help them achieve their personal goals.

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Seminars/Events are updated weekly, and in addition to seminars/event given by consultants and guest speakers, we also organize admissions test mock interviews, personal statement workshops, and boarding school mock entrance exams.

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13 Nov 2023- 17 Nov 2023
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Study Abroad Articles

Written by experienced consultants from LINKEDU, these articles provide first-hand information and insights on UK education. We share timely information and strategies to keep students and parents updated on the latest trends in education, ensuring that they don't miss out on any valuable opportunities.


[UK Study Abroad Tours] Comprehensive Guide to UK Summer Camps 2023 - 6 Major Types to Help You Choose the Right Study Abroad Tour

Finding the right summer camp for your child's holiday activities can be challenging. Are you feeling overwhelmed while searching for information on UK summer camps? The data may not be concentrated enough, making the selection process seem daunting. How do you choose the right study abroad tour for them? We have streamlined information on the six most popular types of UK study abroad tours, making it easy for you to find the hottest programs in one go. We provide comprehensive details, including school introductions, course selections, tuition fees, accommodation arrangements, schedules, flight tips, pre-departure preparations, and essential packing lists! 下載《英國暑期遊學團攻略》 * indicates required 名字 姓氏 * 聯絡電話 * 電郵地址 * Introduction to Types of UK Study Abroad Tours UK study abroad tours can be broadly categorized into three forms:1. Organized and enrolled directly by boarding schools.2. Educational institutions renting school facilities to conduct programs.3. Locally organized tours by agencies. 1. The target audience for enrolment is international students, so there are quotas for each nationality to enhance the internationalization of each group, ensuring students can interact with peers from different nationalities. The benefits of participating in this type […]
7 min read
Wilaiporn Pผู้จัดการประจำประเทศไทยของ LINKEDU

Free download “2024 UCAS Application Strategy”

To help you plan your UK university application as early as possible, LINKEDU has specially prepared the "2024 UK University Application UCAS Guide '' for parents. It provides a clear timeline for all application stages, from subject selection to application document preparation, registration deadlines, and pre-departure arrangements. The guide also includes insights and tips from LINKEDU's experienced consultants, including factors to consider when choosing a university, important reminders for application documents, and tips to enhance your chances of admission.
1 min read
Wilaiporn Pผู้จัดการประจำประเทศไทยของ LINKEDU

[2024 British Essentials for further study] Free download "2024 British Boarding School Blueprint: Monthly Preparation Guide"

LINKEDU has specially prepared a blueprint for parents "2024 British boarding school: monthly preparation guide" , so that you can clearly apply for the key timeline of boarding schools, and ensure that you will not miss any important steps! Our consultants have also shared more experience to pave the way of boarding school admissions.
1 min read
Wilaiporn Pผู้จัดการประจำประเทศไทยของ LINKEDU

Looking at the Map of the UK to Choose a University

Map of UK Universities: Recommended UK Cities and University Rankings. When it comes to studying in the UK, one of the most important factors is undoubtedly the university rankings and the distribution of universities on the UK map. For prospective international students and their families who have never been to the UK, it is particularly important to understand the UK map, the distribution of universities in different regions, the rankings of universities near your place of residence, and the available subject options. This article will start with the UK map and the distribution of universities near major UK cities, introducing the rankings and renowned subjects of universities in different regions. We hope to provide valuable reference information for selecting universities for study in the UK. Understanding the UK Map and City Distribution is Key for UK Study When looking at the map, it is evident that the UK is comprised of a large island and a series of smaller islands, hence the name "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland," a kingdom formed by four countries including England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The well-known universities […]
6 min read
Wilaiporn Pผู้จัดการประจำประเทศไทยของ LINKEDU

[UK Summer Course Enrollment Guidelines]

Although there is still some time before the summer vacation, many parents have already been busy planning this year's summer activities for their children since countries have gradually emerged from the shadow of the pandemic. The UK summer study abroad programme, which has been on hiatus for three years, has reentered the parents' field of vision. Vincent Tang, the Business Development Manager of Linkedu, a professional overseas education consultant, stated that many parents used to arrange for their children to participate in UK summer courses or study tours, considering them an opportunity for their children to experience life abroad and adapt to further education. "After the pandemic, the UK has gradually resumed various summer courses, and this year, the enthusiasm and active participation of parents have exceeded our expectations. Earlier, Linkedu held two physical and online seminars on UK summer courses, both of which attracted over 50 groups of parents and students. At the same time, we have also received many inquiries from parents in various ways about course content, indicating their eagerness to let their children 'go out' and experience the world and have a fulfilling summer," […]
1 min read
Wilaiporn Pผู้จัดการประจำประเทศไทยของ LINKEDU
กลยุทธ์การเลือกหลักสูตร . มหาวิทยาลัยอังกฤษ

UK Education: Is Archaeology Becoming a New Favourite?

Archaeology: More than Just the Study of Artefacts When discussing archaeology, people often associate it with terms like "artefact conservation" and "history." However, Vincent, an education consultant, discovered differences in elective courses offered in the second and third years of archaeology programmes at various UK universities. He identified four main categories: Historical Focus: This is the most typical archaeology programme that combines history and social sciences with some scientific methods to understand the development of humanities, society, and economy in ancient Greece, ancient Rome, China, the Mediterranean, the UK, and other regions. "The historical periods studied mainly range from ancient history and mediaeval history to the 19th century. Represented by prestigious universities such as Nottingham and Liverpool." Social Sciences: Archaeology programmes in this category are a blend of archaeology, ancient history, sociology, economics, anthropology, philosophy, and museum studies. "It suits students who want to understand history and archaeology from multiple perspectives. Newcastle University is a representative in this category." Biological Approach: This category involves more scientific elements, particularly biology and palaeontology. "These archaeological programmes focus on scientific approaches such as DNA analysis and the biological genetics of decomposed […]
1 min read
Wilaiporn Pผู้จัดการประจำประเทศไทยของ LINKEDU
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How Thai students bridge to the British education system?

Find ways that you can bridge to the UK education system from the current school year group you are studying.


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FAQ about studying abroad

Our free consultation services are supported by LINKEDU's direct relationships with various schools and colleges, which allow us to collect service fees directly from these institutions. As a result, throughout the entire application process, parents do not need to pay us any service fees. However, if students require additional tutor assistance for specific entrance exams, interviews, personal statements, etc., we do offer corresponding fee-based services.

Yes, LINKEDU also offers one-on-one fee-based services in the following areas: Oxbridge training programme, medical school entrance training, BMAT/UCAT/LNAT exam guidance, art portfolio training, IELTS tutoring, boarding school interview training, and personal statement guidance.

LINKEDU consultants will consider factors such as students' interests, preferences, living environment, and teaching methods to explain the pros and cons of different schools and subjects. After settling on an educational plan, consultants will provide the necessary documents for application and arrange for students to participate in relevant entrance exams, such as boarding school entrance tests, medical school's UCAT, or law school's LNAT. We will take care of the entire application process and closely monitor the application's progress and results. After receiving an offer, consultants will clearly explain all the details to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the enrollment process before confirming your place.

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