What You Will Learn (Overview)

Course Content

Subject Exploration

  • The curriculum will cover a variety of supercurricular topics, including Basic Animal Care, Ethics, and Treatments of Animals. Students will learn about the care of domestic animals, major ethical theories, and various treatments for animals through case studies.

Academic Exploration

  • Explore the current nature and future of the veterinary profession. Discuss the student’s work experience, issues and advancements within the profession, alongside the nature and structure of the degree course for Veterinary Medicine.

Personal Statement

  • To create a compelling personal statement for their Veterinary Medicine degree application. Students will start by mind mapping their personal profile in relation to Veterinary Medicine, including areas such as reading, competitions, internships, research projects, and knowledge of the latest research.

Admissions Test Tutoring

  • Develop skills and knowledge to succeed in the NSAA. Throughout the program, student will learn a range of techniques to help her tackle the exam, including the elimination of multiple-choice options and setting out working clearly and concisely.

Interview Training

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School Exploration

  • Help student to explore the suitable universities based on the student predicted grades

UK + AUS  Application Support 

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Industry Exposure

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