What is Hospitality?

You must have heard the word 'Hospitality' a lot, but do you know its true meaning? According to the literal explanation, it can be translated as friendly, attentive service, and hospitable hospitality. Later, Yan Yan was used as a term in hotel management. If students want to develop in the tourism or hotel management industry in the future, Hospitality Management is definitely the preferred subject that you cannot miss.

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What is Hospitality Management?

Hospitality can be commonly referred to as hospitality related fields such as hotel, leisure, and catering management. Generally, universities and colleges divide Hospitality Management into two major parts: Hospitality and Tourism Management and Hotel Management.

The course content of Hospitality and Tourism Management in hotel tourism management is quite extensive, including the catering industry, hotel industry, and leisure tourism industry. The course content takes into account both theory and practice, and trains students to develop comprehensively. The course is roughly divided into three parts:

  1. Catering major: In response to the globalisation of catering, cultivating excellent catering management talents requires learning various catering knowledge and skills from various countries, as well as restaurant service management, catering marketing management, cost control, and human resource management.
  2. Hotel major: including the course of Introduction to Hotel Management, Hotel Marketing, and Hotel Financial Management.
  3. Leisure Tourism Industry Majors: Learn the basic skills and theories of the tourism industry, consumer behaviour, tourism resource management, and more.
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Hotel Management

Hotel Management is a profession that comprehensively applies relevant disciplinary knowledge to conduct research based on the characteristics of hotel brand management. The course is based on hotel management and strengthens the knowledge of the operation of different departments in the hotel. The course content includes hotel management concepts, hotel financial management, hotel human resource management, room management, hotel catering management, hotel comprehensive service facility management, and hotel service quality management. The course enables students to fully grasp the knowledge and skills of hotel operation and management, laying a solid foundation for future involvement in hotel management related industries.

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Studying Hospitality in the UK?

When it comes to studying for a hotel management degree abroad, Switzerland is definitely the first choice. But in the past decade, with the booming tourism industry, the UK economy has developed well, and the number of hotels, restaurants, and institutions engaged in tourist business has also doubled. The discipline of tourism and hotel management has also gained great popularity as a result. Currently, in the UK, various university colleges attach great importance to hotel management majors, investing a large amount of resources in teaching facilities and fully utilising their high-quality teaching methods. Many hotel management courses at British universities offer internships and provide students with rich overseas work experience. Coupled with the global recognition of higher education in the UK, British universities have naturally become another hot choice.

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