The history of spinal neurology is only over a hundred years, and compared to other Western medicine treatment methods, it is more "young". Despite this, the Department of Spinal Neurology is currently one of the four major medical systems in Hong Kong. In addition to being in a tense state due to prolonged periods of looking down at mobile phones and sitting in front of computers for work and study, which can easily lead to shoulder, neck, and back pain and the need to see a chiropractor, it is believed that most students have been exposed to spinal examinations while participating in student health service programs, and are aware of one common back deformation problem - scoliosis.

But have you noticed that people who receive spinal treatment do not need to take medication or undergo spinal nerve surgery? So what magical method does chiropractor use to treat patients? What admission requirements do you need to meet if you choose to enrol in a university in the UK?

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What is Spinal Neurology?

Spinal neurology, as the name suggests, refers to the improvement and treatment of diseases related to the spine. Spinal medicine believes that the spine is the main channel of the human nervous system and central nervous system, and most functional diseases occur due to imbalanced operation of the spine, joints, nerves, and tendon systems, such as scapulohumeral periarthritis, sciatica, bone spurs, hand and foot paralysis, sports, and occupational injuries, So the knowledge that spinal neuroscience students need to understand is not only about the spine, but also includes pathology, anatomy, human structure, biomechanics, imaging diagnosis, and nutrition, in order to have a comprehensive understanding of spinal neuroscience.

The treatment methods used by chiropractors are very unique, as they do not use drugs or surgery to cure symptoms at once. Instead, according to the theory of DD Palmer, the father of spinal neurology, the body has the ability to naturally recover, with chiropractic adjustment and manual procedures as the main treatment methods.

Therefore, when students first enter school, they will begin to learn about spinal structure, human body structure, organ anatomy, and other knowledge, understanding why specific corrections or massages can reduce physical pain for patients. In the later stage, I will continue to learn other auxiliary therapies, such as acupuncture, electrotherapy, ergonomics, etc., to further correct incorrect muscle memory and posture, restore nervous system circulation, and ultimately cure physical pain and prevent skeletal muscle system diseases from affecting the overall health of the body.

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What is the difference between chiropractic and physiotherapy?

After reading the above introduction, you may have a question, why is the work of a chiropractor so similar to that of a physiotherapist? Both use hand therapy to treat pain symptoms, and both do not require medication or surgery. So what is the difference?

In fact, the main difference between the two is that physiotherapists cannot diagnose patients like doctors, while chiropractors can diagnose and treat patients simultaneously. In addition, chiropractors are more focused on treating diseases related to musculoskeletal and nervous systems, especially neck and back pain, joint pain, headaches caused by neck or spinal dislocation, etc. Physiotherapists have a larger scope of treatment than chiropractors, as their work is responsible for restoring and improving the patient's physical mobility and flexibility. Therefore, if patients suffer from accidents, diseases, or surgeries, such as cruciate ligament rupture, stroke, or have undergone brain surgery, If it leads to difficulty or reduced flexibility in activities, it will be diagnosed by a doctor first, followed by a physiotherapist to improve and enhance muscle strength.

In addition, students studying physical therapy in the UK can choose between a 3-year BSc Physiotherapy Bachelor's program or a 2-year MSc Physiotherapy (pre registration) Master's program; However, to become a chiropractor in the UK, students must enrol in a 4-year Master of Chiropractic program. Thus, it can be seen that the years of study for the two are also different.

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Can chiropractors only treat the elderly, adults, or children?

Spinal medicine has a wide range of treatment targets, including newborns. For example, in the case of difficult childbirth or surgery, the baby has the opportunity to pull out of the mother's body, causing muscle strain and tension. It is necessary to undergo a spinal examination to identify the position of muscle tension, and massage the wound to reduce swelling and treat discomfort.

Therefore, chiropractors must be familiar with the structural changes of the human body at different ages, and at the same time learn how to communicate with different grades to make treatment outcomes more effective.

Why choose to study spinal nerves in the UK?

The structure of the British chiropractic course is well-established. In the early stages of studying spinal nerves, professors have joined the discussion of cases, gradually guiding students to think and integrate knowledge, rather than rote memorization. When the foundation begins to solidify, students will be allowed to conduct internships and gain more clinical experience.

The internship period in the Department of Spinal Neurology in the UK is approximately 1.5 years, during which approximately 50 patients can be contacted. Some schools also have open spinal clinics, allowing students to further master their skills through professional guidance. In addition, universities in the UK also pay attention to students' contributions to society, hoping to raise students' awareness of the importance of spinal neurology and enhance their interest in the subject they are studying by organising activities such as sharing spinal health care in primary school and providing voluntary massages for marathoners or professional football players.

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