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Brighton College was founded in 1845. It was named "2019 Boarding School of the Year in England" by The Sunday Times. What is particularly admirable about the school is that, despite its traditional roots, it has modern facilities and teaching methods that cater to the needs of contemporary students, which is relatively uncommon among traditional schools. Since the appointment of the current headmaster, Richard Cairns, the school has achieved outstanding academic and sporting successes. In the past five years, 158 students have been admitted to Oxford and Cambridge University, and many students have received university scholarships. It is undoubtedly a top-notch educational institution that attracts competitive students from around the world. It is recommended that students interested in applying to Brighton College start the application process two to three years in advance and strive to enhance their academic performance, as this will increase their chances of admission.

Brighton College Introduction

A leading institution that emphasises civic responsibility

Despite the impressive A-Level results achieved by its students, Brighton College does not pride itself on being an "A factory." Instead, it promotes a culture of kindness and is considered an elite boarding school that emphasises good character. The headmaster believes that cultivating students' moral character is the foundation for achieving outstanding academic results. The school encourages students to actively contribute to society through activities such as visiting elderly individuals, assisting disabled children, and participating in beach clean-ups. The goal is to develop students who not only excel academically but also possess qualities such as compassion, responsibility, and a sense of duty, making them good citizens. Brighton College sets a positive example for its students and provides scholarships to students who have missed the opportunity to attend top-tier institutions due to their refugee status. One beneficiary of the scholarship successfully gained admission to the University of Oxford to study mathematics in 2018.

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Forward-thinking educational policies and hiring of Oxbridge education team

Recognized as one of the most forward-thinking schools in the UK, Brighton College's headmaster consistently considers things from a student's perspective. He personally hired and assembled an education team from Oxford and Cambridge to provide support and empathy based on their own experiences and understand students' needs. The school's educational policies combine elements of both traditional and contemporary education, deviating from the stereotype of conventional teaching methods in prestigious schools. It is known that students can communicate with teachers online at any time to ask questions, and teachers are willing to provide guidance to students in need after school hours, assisting them in resolving difficulties.

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Continual progress under the halo of the best boarding school

The school has invested £55 million in the construction of a new science and sports teaching building, which officially opened in early 2020 and includes 18 state-of-the-art laboratories. Students have access to advanced scientific research technology, significantly enhancing their interest in learning and research efficiency. Brighton College boasts modern campus facilities, and students can access all classrooms and facilities using fingerprint recognition, enabling the school to effectively monitor students' whereabouts and ensure their safety.

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