UCAS Clearing is the ultimate stage of the entire UK university application process. As the release date approaches, students may feel like saying, "I don't care anymore, whatever happens." However, on the day of the release, when facing different possible scenarios, how should students handle the situation?

We have specifically prepared the "Knocking on Doors Complete Strategy" for all current public examination candidates, 10 days before the release of DSE results. From the release of results to receiving grades and meeting with university representatives, as long as students understand the art of "knocking on doors," they will realize that UCAS applications are actually a race against time. Students need to prepare backup plans and make decisive decisions within a limited time.

Whether you have already registered with UCAS or are looking forward to exploring opportunities at other highly ranked UK universities during the Clearing period, we hope to assist everyone in discovering their unique achievements.

Content of the Webinar

  • UCAS Clearing: An important moment for every UK university applicant: 10 days before the release of results: What preparations can you make during this time?
  • Remaining vacancies in popular subjects for 2023, Clearing grade predictions at UK universities: How to secure your desired spot in the face of intense competition?
  • "Knocking on Doors Complete Strategy": Deconstructing the details from receiving results to participating in Clearing and engaging in university interviews.

Target Audience

  • Current DSE, IB, or A-Level candidates and their parents
  • Students and parents interested in enrolling in UK universities, foundation programs, or international first-year courses in September 2023.

Date of Webinar

July 8, 2023 (Saturday) 11:00am - 12:00pm