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[British Boarding Schools: Students Live as Protagonists of Harry Potter?!]

In the UK, from princes to middle-class civilians, once they reach the age of 13 and enter secondary school, they experience boarding school life. Many people may think that British private boarding schools are exclusive to the upper class, but that is no longer the case. As long as students are sufficiently talented and possess extraordinary qualities, schools will accept students from various backgrounds. When it comes to boarding schools, the first thing that comes to mind is often the movie "Harry Potter." Although there are over 500 boarding schools in the UK, the true "Harry Potter"-style "full boarding" schools are few and far between. Sedbergh School British full-boarding schools are those where all or the majority of students live on the school premises seven days a week, including local students. For example, renowned schools like Eton College and Harrow School have a 100% boarding population. Some boarding schools have also introduced flexible boarding options to adapt to social development, allowing local students to reside on campus from Monday to Friday and return home on weekends. However, the proportion of students in full boarding schools in the UK […]
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