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[British Social Science: Turns out, society is very "scientific"]

In the eyes of many people, social science has always been associated with terms like "humanities," "rote memorization," or even distorted images like "bluffing" and "superficial knowledge." In fact, besides studying theories, social science can also be approached through qualitative research methods such as questionnaire surveys and participant observations, or through quantitative research methods that involve data collection, integration, analysis, and the presentation of phenomena. These methods provide scientific evidence to support the study of human beings and social development. To trace the origins, the study of how humans develop from individuals to small groups, large communities, and eventually complex modern societies should start with sociology. Then, based on different research areas and topics, it further deepens into specialised disciplines. From individuals to society, an interdisciplinary study of social sustainability Like most social science subjects, sociology emphasises a systematic analysis of various issues in society, starting with small-scale analyses and gradually expanding to macro-level studies of social structures. This discipline places great importance on "humans" as the creators of "society." It begins with micro-level studies of their behaviours and values and then extends to multi-level macro-level studies of […]
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