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[UK Media] Is studying Media only about being a paparazzo?!

In ancient times, humans primarily relied on paper to disseminate information. In the 20th century, the rise of print and electronic media took place, and now in the 21st century, online media dominates the world. Regardless of the evolving forms, one constant is that "Media and Communication" have always been an integral part of human society. However, in Hong Kong, there are always some students aspiring to study "Media" who are misunderstood by reality and discouraged with comments like, "Will you be working for TVB after graduation?" "So, you'll become a paparazzo?" "Are you a political activist?" People echo these misconceptions, but how well do you really understand "Media Studies"? Today, I would like to briefly discuss the career prospects in the field of Media Studies. Taking UK universities as an example, Media Studies courses in the UK are divided into four main categories: 1. Journalism (More practice-oriented discipline) Journalism programmes have a more targeted focus. In addition to theoretical knowledge, they emphasise hands-on opportunities such as news writing, reporting, and on-camera experience. They mainly cover three mediums: print journalism, broadcast journalism, and web journalism. Some UK universities […]
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