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[Economics in the UK]: Post-Pandemic Economics: Is it really that simple to just talk about money and numbers?

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 has posed challenges to economies of different countries and even the entire world over the past two years. Especially when it comes to the most urgent task of post-pandemic economic reconstruction and recovery. Regardless of the situation, whether in prosperous times or during a pandemic, maintaining a well-ordered global economy is a top priority for all countries, much like the need to breathe and drink water daily to sustain life. This is where studying economics comes into play: from researching economic theories to studying individual economics, institutional decision-making, public administration, and even the global operational aspects, all of these are closely related to addressing the issues of post-pandemic economic reconstruction. Popular subject in UK universities: Economics In the face of challenges in the new era, is studying economics merely delving into traditional theories? As one of the top 20 economics departments in the UK, the University of Essex has produced three "down-to-earth" Nobel laureates in economics over the past decade. Therefore, the economics program at Essex is undoubtedly keeping up with the times. It incorporates research topics related to the 2019 coronavirus, such […]
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